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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  June 3, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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kentucky and missouri. rescue crews are searching for six people who are still missing. the storms then moved east, knocking out power to 40,000 in new england. there was even a tornado in south carolina. meanwhile in new york, thunder and lightning drove the yankees and the red sox into the dugout. >> moments ago -- that's brett gardner and company getting shocked, just as we did in the booth and just as the red sox did on their side of the field. >> if only they had stayed in the dugout. today, heavy rain and thunderstorms stretch friday florida up the east coast to maine while out west extreme heat and dry weather is the problem. 2,000 firefighters are trying to get an upper hand on california's powerhouse fire. it explode this weekend. last night's cooler weather helped crews double containment from just 20% to 40%. 46 square miles are charged, destroying six homes in the process. thousands are evacuated.
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weather channel meteorologist kelly cass and nbc's stephanie stanton. kelly, we start with you. are we looking at a repeat of this weekend? >> unfortunately, more wet weather is on its way to oklahoma. flood warnings do remain in effect between friday and saturday's storms, we saw nearly seven inches of rain. no wonder the streets filled up so quickly. we're taking a look at big picture, pretty strong storms on the carolina coastline. severe storms not too far from charleston. severe warnings going on there. flash flooding is a problem around the myrtle beach area. heavy rain hugging the outer banks of north carolina. going forward through the rest of today and on into tonight, here is your problem area. the red showing where we could have some severe storms. high winds, large hail. can't rule out the possibility of tornadoes either from north platte, nebraska, through kansas into the western parts of oklahoma, all the way down to the rio grande here.
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it does include childress, texas, and ft. stockton as well. all the elements are coming together for tomorrow. we've got warm, moist air in play, jet stream energy as well, scooting across the dakotas right now and the dry line coming into western texas. so what does that mean? that means more areas will likely see severe storms on tuesday, anywhere from iowa all the way down through oklahoma city and moore, el reno once again looking for the possibility of more tornadoes. we'll be watching portions of texas as well. as we head toward wednesday, you guessed it, more severe weather. it's no wonder whoa call this tornado alley, amarillo to oklahoma city, and even the possibility of a tornado can't be ruled out either. so it's rough for the next few days, it looks like. then we finally get a bit of a breather by the time we get to
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the end of next week. >> thank you, kelly cass. we appreciate it. stephanie stanton is monitoring the california wildfire. stephanie, this massive fire was fueled by erratic winds, extreme heat and plenty of dry brush. where do the efforts stand now? >> well, at this point, firefighter firefighters were able to make some good progress overnight. this fire is now 40% contained. so far, it has charred nearly 30,000 acres. and there are 2,100 firefighters roughly still on the front lines. they say there's still a lot more work to be done. take a look at what's behind me. this is a burned out home. it was completely destroyed by this fire, one of six homes that were destroyed. some 15 other structures also were destroyed by this fire and, again, firefighters are attacking this blaze from the ground and from the air. you might be able to hear that helicopter over my head. what they're doing is pulling water from nearby lake hughes and they're able to suck it up
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and drop it on to hot spots. they say if they continue as planned, if the weather cooperates -- right now, humidity has risen 20% to 30%. that's a good thing, they say. winds are holding steady 10 to 15 miles an hour. there are those 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts, which could be a challenge. firefighters tell me if things continue as they are now, they expect to have containment as early as wednesday. as for the residents here, the good news is that there has been no loss of life. however, throw firefighters did suffer minor injuries. evacuations are in place, rou roughly 1,000-plus homes under evacuation orders here in the lake hughes area. >> stephanie stanton, thanks so much. please do stay safe out there. be it fires, flooding or tornadoes, recent days also remind us how dangerous these weather events can be, even for the professionals who cover them for a living. several scientists and storm cha chasers took a direct hit in friday's erratic and unpredictable tornadoes. weather channel meteorologist mike bet's and his crew were
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inside this suv as it was thrown 200 yards. here is how bettes described the ordeal to al roker this morning. >> initially i couldn't believe it was happening. it was survival mode after that. okay, what do we have to do inside this vehicle to make sure we'll be okay? we all ducked down, had our seat belts on. the air bags all deployed. my head hit the air bag and we were just holding on. everything happened so fast. we were trying to get past the tornado, get out of the path of it and got caught on the front end of it. >> you survived this. are you going to go back out there on the chase? >> i don't know. you know, it's given me perspective, what's important in my life. it may not be up to me, al. you know, i'll talk to my family about it. if they don't want me to go, i won't go. simple as that. >> also inside this pummeled suv, his photographer, austin anderson. he also walked away but with several broken backbones, broken
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breastplate. >> it was moving northeast and we were hurrying to do it. when we realized that we weren't going to make it, the storm took a very quick left turn, there's a lot more to learn about tornadoes. for me, getting out there and seeing them up close firsthand is important because i feel like i'm helping people learn about tornadoes. >> tough to watch. unfortunately, not all the storm chasers were as lucky friday. tim samaras, his son, paul, and carl young died chasing the el reno tornado in oklahoma. tim spent 30 years researching storms, hoping his data would help meteorologists better understand and predict storms and perhaps save lives. we actually spoke to tim on "the cycle" as he was tracking that system near oklahoma just hours before he was killed. >> we fully expect storm
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initiation probably in the next two or three hours. boy, the ingredients are coming together for a pretty volatile day. supercell is a very violent storm that is very capable of large hail and pretty destructive tornado. tornado alley is famous for these types of weather systems coming through. it only happens maybe two, maybe once, twice, or three times in an entire year. we get days like this where the systems and ingredients come together just right that generate these incredible, powerful storms. and today is no exception. >> well, today, the storm chasing community, which posts its gps coordinates on dline, a remembering all three men with this tribute, their initials, ts, ps and cy. we'll have much more "cycle" straight ahead. ♪
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right now, the irs is back on capitol hill. the first of several this week and today is the house appropriations subcommittee hearings. there's more bad news for the irs. the treasury audit accuses the irs of spending $50 million of your taxpayer dollars on employee conferences. those work conferences included perks like pricey baseball tickets and hotel suites, even line dancing at a california convention and remember the training videos feature iing sk
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parodying "star trek" and "gilligan's island"? you can bet it will come up today. we'll listen in if it gets fiery. meantime, let bring it to the table. you may have noticed krystal looks a little different today. jonathan capehart is in for her. >> oh, hi. >> hi, everybody. i'm here. >> two great fans here, apparently. >> i know, really. >> i think if you want to look at the optics, whenever there is rank hipoypocrisy. if you are the most hated bureau in the government because you literally, legally, take people's money for a living, maybe watch how much you spend on your corporate events. it's just kind of obvious stuff that you should learn in pr 101. but to a serious point, there have been rumors swirling that
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attorney general eric holder, who has been at the center or fringes of a number of these scandals might be becoming something of a problem for the president in the white house. "new york times" story about the white house maybe fretting over what to do with him. i think that by anyone's standards, he has become something of a liability. even if you are inclined to believe that he is not indemic of the overreach of this administration and you just believe that the doj is separate from the white house and obama has nothing to do with it and holder is out here, doing his own thing. even if you believe that. and even if you believe that these scandals are all nonscandals, black panther, fast and furious, benghazi, drones. even if you have no problem with any of them, it's really hard to argue that eric holder has been good for president obama. if you want no drama obama, i don't think this attorney
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general has the -- sealed the deal. spin tastically dishonest. >> bonus word, spintastically. >> it is not the attorney general's job to make the president look good or bad. >> sure. >> this attorney general on several cases and in several investigations has moved full on ahead and it's been a problem for the white house, and that's fine. washington is so political that everyone wants to score it politically. obviously, there has been a republican war on this attorney general since day one that is of a different character and of a different intensity than we've seen throughout american history. there have been 82 attorneys general in our history. there have only been one held in contempt of congress. not for any of the issues that, i agree, merit more investigation, particularly on the first amendment issues but
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over a year ago, fast and furious documentation, they held this attorney general in contempt of congress. >> yes. >> already shot their load and shown they are out to get him. that's why darrell issa's interactions with the attorney general during the testimony and oversight have become increasingly pathetic. that's why today lindsey graham is breaking with darrell issa and say, no, we should follow the evidence and not a sick and longstanding obsession to bloody this attorney general no matter what. having said that and having put a lot of the blame where it belongs, which is in a long-term obsession with hurting him by the republicans, i have also seen some statements by democrats in the white house l calculating the politics of this. they're doing it anonymously and off the record, which is what happens in washington. democrats and the white house should stay out of this. let the investigations proceed. some of them involve potential leaks out of the white house. what we don't need democrats falling into the republican trap of making what should be a nonpartisan office even more
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partisan than it's rumored to be in washington. that's my priority here. that's why i think we're going down in a bad way, partly because people just aren't letting these investigations play out. we doesn't know where ap and fox investigation leads us. >> republicans have introduced the investigation, you just want them to play out? >> what do you mean by introduced? >> you can't criticize republicans for their obsession with eric holder and introducing these investigations and then scold democrats for not letting these investigations pan out. you want these investigations to go forward because they are mer merited investigations? >> depends on the ones. on the first amendment side. >> there's so many ari. that's my point. >> some of these we've got to gather more facts. >> we have lots of questions, ergo there must be a problem. no, you can ask as many questions as you want. >> so there's no problems, re? everything is fine in obama land? >> no, that doesn't mean there's not a problem. you need a solid answer to any one of those questions to actually prove there's a
12:17 pm
problem. >> we're trying, buddy. we would like to get a solid answer. >> i know you're trying and you're failing over and over and over. what's actually important here is what would be the decision if you were in the white house and you want to say, okay, should we perhaps consider whether or not we should get rid of the ag? first you might ask yourself, has he so damaged his cred credibility that he cannot do his own job? second you might ask is he so distracting that the white house cannot do their job? third you might ask, would pushing him out embolden the critics of the white house? yes. and fourth, can we actually do this? >> yes to all four. >> no. as it stands right now, not damaged his own credibility. >> what? >> he's not distracting the white house. >> what? >> certainly would embolden the critics of the white house, like s.e. cupp. discussion of eric holder being out makes her so flushed her
12:18 pm
face is red. it makes the discussion grow bigger and bigger and bigger. and the answer is ari would say no, you cannot. there is a wall between the white house and justice. >> appointed for life? i wasn't aware. >> president clinton had a lot of problems with janet reno, tried to push her out several times. couldn't do it. it's not that easy. this is highly politicized. americans are not sitting around saying we want eric holder out. he cannot accomplish this without more evidence. >> let me say, jonathan capehart, welcome to "the cycle." >> thank you very much. >> what do you think? >> name an attorney general who has not been a lightning rod for his or her president? >> michael mukasy. >> okay, that's one. >> you asked me to name one. >> okay, that's one. john ashcroft was a huge lightning rod for president bush. >> aren't we making the point that holder is uniquely, is
12:19 pm
uniquely an ag that has been targeted ? we all just named others that have been as well. >> the next point i'm going to make is eric holder, unlike anybody else in this administration, what they're doing to eric holder, fighting a proxy war with president obama. >> yes. >> he is the highest ranking person, that have been going after him since he walked into the office. they will go after him till the time he he leaves. my big point on that is good luck with that. there is no way you are going to get president obama to say to eric holder, look, dude, you are costing me politically and you have to go. it's just not going to happen. >> i agree with you. he's not going to do it. >> it galled president obama to see what happened to susan rice, a capable person who he wanted to nominate as secretary of state, but couldn't do it because of the backlash. you think he's going to get rid of his sitting ag? >> no way. >> not a chance. >> it would be a defeat. >> and the wrong thing to do. >> disagree. he's not going to do it.
12:20 pm
>> i echo john on that. when they toxify every nominee from the labor department to richard cordrey, elizabeth warren, two people in a row not allowed to fill that post. when everyone gets a crazy fight, the message to the president is held on to who you've got because you're going to get a crazy fight no matter what you do. >> no matter what. >> that is a very fair point. also in washington, flags are flying at half-staff at the capitol in honor of new jersey senator frank lautenberg. he died earlier this morning from complications of viral pneumonia. he served the garden state for three decades and was the senate's last world war ii veteran. earlier this year, he announce ed he would not seek re-election in 2014. governor chris christie will now appoint an interim replacement. leading liberal who president obama remembered having lived america's promise as a citizen. lautenberg is survived by his
12:21 pm
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washington battles over attorney general eric holder files the most significant dispute over leaks is happening 40 miles north of ft. meade, maryland, where the trial of bradley manning has gotten underway. his guilty plea would have sent him to prison for about 20 years. but the military and the obama administration didn't think that was enough. prosecutors today are pursuing a charge of aiding the enemy, which carries a life sentence. jim miklaszewski joins us live with more. >> actually, today, ari, in the opening staples from both the defense and the prosecuting attorney, we learned more about that charge, the specifics of the charge of aiding the enemy.
12:25 pm
the prosecuting attorney in his opening statement revealed for the first time that wikileaks founder julian s -- assange had asked for the names of the 74,000 men and women in iraq and afghanistan. now fast forward to the raid on the bin laden compound by navy s.e.a.l.s in which bin laden was killed in the aftermath. gathering up intelligence, they discovered that list of 74,000 american men and women in uniform in iraq, including their personal and contact information that had been delivered via wikileaks to osama bin laden, hence the charge of aiding the enemy. now the defense argued that 22-year-old bradley manning arrived in baghdad as a pfc, he
12:26 pm
was naive and well intentioned, that he release this had information to wikileaks because he felt that the american people and the world needed to know more about what was going on in that war and that in the end that information would make this a better world and more peaceful. the prosecution is arguing, however, that providing the names and information of every soldier in iraq -- they don't see any reason, how that could make this a more peaceful world and, in fact, are charging him, as you know, with aiding the enemy. >> jim, thank you for that report. now speaking as an attorney who used to practice first amendment law, it is an unusual law for prosecutors to charge manning with aiding the enemy since he is not accused of directly charging enemies like al qaeda. also faced espionage charges in
12:27 pm
1981, thank you for being here. you followed this case and have been down there. what do you think is so different now? and is it justifiable, even if these documents did end up in the hands of u.s. enemies? is this a justifiable charge to say that by giving the information to a publisher bradley manning has aided our enemies? >> from what's been known up till now -- i have been following this closely. i don't know what went on in court today. i had to leave early. but from what has been known from now, it seems outrageous to say that giving information to the american public and through wikileaks to the world essentially, that the fact that that would be of interest to our enemies as it is to everyone, to many people in the world indicates nothing more than it does probably give comfort to our actual enemies like osama bin laden to have it revealed officially, information that
12:28 pm
confirms what he and his other enemies have been saying, that we were killing many iraqi civilians, that we were killing muslims and holding their lives very cheap, that we were torturing, turning people over to be tortured by iraqis, that there was an assassination program going on. these are commentaries on the policy that are actually criminal and shameful and i would like to see the policies change. i would like to see the people who participated in the atrocities that bradley manning exposed investigated and prosecuted. >> mr. ellsberg, sir, you make a good point there. i also want to focus on what bradley manning did, which i find disturbing. he chose to join the military, a very special area of society. aren't his responsibilities in life con strained by that? if we have any soldier who has action toes classified information -- and there are thousands of them -- leaking anything that -- when they find something uncomfortable, then we would be unable to have a
12:29 pm
military. so aren't his choices, aren't his responsibilities constrained by having joined the military? >> he took the same oath actually as an enlisted man that i took as an officer and every member of the congress takes, which is to support and defend the constitution. i would say he did more to do that than practically anyone else in iraq that i know of. i would say some 4,000 americans died and hundreds of thousands were put in harm's way because there was no bradley manning at high level in the civilian branch or in the white house to prevent us from that aggressive war in iraq. the same is true of the continuation of the war in afghanistan as it was in vietnam. i hold that against myself. i joined the military. i joined the marine corps. and i felt i did not uphold my responsibility as an officer, to up hold the constitution when i withheld information wrongly that the pre was lying about and lying us into a war then as we were lied into iraq.
12:30 pm
so i admire bradley manning for learning at 22 what he ought to do, what it took me another 20 years to learn. >> do you value bradley manning sharing the names and addresses of people? is that defending the constitution? >> that doesn't sound good. i'm not aware of that information yet. i look forward to reading the transcript, which is going to be available only because an organization i'm with, the freedom of press foundation is paying for a court stenographer, which the court has refused to provide for a transcript. i'll be supplied with that. although i must say if the pentagon has said repeatedly they have no evidence that any one troop or civilian was harmed by anything that came out. and i believe that. because i think if they had evidence of it, we would have seen it years ago, pictures of bodies on the cover of "time." i believe when they say he did not, in fact, harm anyone, on the contrary, i think we have
12:31 pm
10,000 or more troops in harm's way in iraq right now under obama, had not bradley manning revealed and the state department revealed atrocities which we failed to prosecute, which led prime minister maliki to demand no immunity for americans to remain there. president obama wanted thousand s of americans to remain but had to demand immunity for them. so they're not there. many more would have been killed by now. >> let me jump in here. releasing classified information is against the wall. why shouldn't the federal government -- one second. make an example? why shouldn't the federal government make an example of bradley manning? he gave this information not to the washington post, not to nbc news, not to the "new york times," "the wall street journal" where there are standards of review in place. he handed them over to wiki l k leaks. >> i take it you haven't followed his court testimony closely where he swore under
12:32 pm
oath that he had offered it both to the "new york times," the with an post and got no positive response from either of them. that was his first move. then he gave it to wikileaks. he didn't put it on the internet. gave it toy handful of international news. it turned out to be a good thing. i don't think "the new york times" alone would have published the cables which led to the nonviolent uprising in tunis and got corrupt dictator out of there. he would still be there without wikileaks. sacrificed hips. likewise in egypt. i think he did pretty much what he should have done. i must say as a former marine officer and an american, i am ashamed to realize over the last few years that if bradley manning had committed atrocities instead of exposing them, he would almost surely be a free man right now. >> mr. ellsberg, there have been a lot of comparisons between you and manning because of the similarities in your case.
12:33 pm
i see huge differences, in fact. but i want to get your opinion. do you see any differences between you and bradley manning? >> well, i have to give him cred credit, as i said a moment ago, that he realized what he ought to do at 22, which took me -- i was 40 when i did it. that doesn't favor me. of course, there are differences. the material i put out was top secret r rather than classified that he put out. the material i put out was high-level decision making which didn't include domestic crimes for the kind he put out when he if put outfield grade information that was only secret. frankly, i'm surprised there was that much information about american criminality about torture and other effects in those only secret cables. when i was in the pentagon, i didn't bother to read stuff that was only secret. he had access, routinely, daily, to top secret and above communications, intelligence. he didn't put any of that out. apparently, that sort of
12:34 pm
behavior has become so routine that it's only secret now. i was surprised by that. >> that's an interesting point, especially with regard to reaching out to the publications. one thing we know is that whatever one's opinion of wikileaks, the prosecution's theory here in the court-martial would apply potentially to a lot of different publishers going forward. >> every publisher. >> that's one thing a lot of people are concerned about, even though there are some criticisms of wikileaks. thank you for spending the time with us today and giving us the benefit of your historical perspective. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> absolutely. to learn more check out my column on bradley manning and the real war on leaks. we would like to keep this conversation going. coming up, another high profile trial. oscar pistorius set to go to trial. we went out and asked people a simple question:
12:35 pm
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back in court for a pretrial hearing tomorrow. new questions are being raised about evidence after someone leaked graphic photographs to a british media outlet allegedly showing the bloody bathroom where pistorius shot his girlfriend, reva steenkamp. as a response, the pistorius family says they are shaken and that the release of the photos do not help with the legal process. sports journalist darus, what new understanding do we have that might change our opinion in
12:39 pm
this trial? >> it's been three months. we've barely seen oscar pistorius in that time. of course, in march the door from the toilet was removed by the prosecution and the defense said they wanted the door put back. there had been all kind of rambli ramblings. the strongest defense team you could have in south africa and flexed their muscles to have him gain access to his passport so he could travel, compete. he didn't. then there were glimpses of him training in april. but until -- for the last month we haven't really seen a lot of him until those pictures, of course three or four days ago now. the bloody scene in the toilet, in the bathroom, horrific pictures in many ways. it's difficult to disagree with his family because, you know, potentially that evidence shouldn't be out there before the case begins.
12:40 pm
but there's a documentary on channel 5 here in the uk tonight in which reva steenkamp's parents, barry and june, talk about a premonition their daughter had when she was 14 and painted a picture. they show the picture in this documentary tonight of that daughter -- she had drawn herself as an angel, stairs to heaven and a man with a gun, peculiar thing tonight. and also june steenkamp talked of times where her daughter had rung her when pistorius had been driving crazily in his car and they had been having arguments. of course, all of this is circumstantial but will add to the drama of what will proceed tomorrow. >> what happens the reaction been to those graphic images? are folks, at least on his side of the camp, worried that this might interfere with due process? >> well, i mean, i think the
12:41 pm
reaction has been one of, you know, what you do react to when you see gruesome picktures. it's a reality that this did occur, what happened on valentine's day 3 1/2 months ago. at the same time there are accusations that these were taken privately and sold to newspapers and newspapers were offering money for pictures at the time. all it does is intensify the court case, which is expected to be a short one tomorrow, because the prosecution still apparently are gathering their evidence. as you know, this has been an extraordinary case from the very start. but there has been -- you know, people are just absolutely mystified by this story still. >> there are reports that bloody footprints at the crime scene --
12:42 pm
now this may get the case threaten out. how likely is that? >> i don't think so. i think everybody at the moment accepts certainly that oscar pistorius has already given an affidavit saying he thought there was a burglar in his home. he didn't have his prosthetic limbs or prosthetic day legs on. he took his gun, what he believed was an act of defense. but, of course, crucially in this case, what it will come down to is the forensic evidence, as you say, that bloody scene, the forensic evidence of the angle the bullets were fired from, the distance from the door when he fired them. all these will have a bearing on the outcome of the voracity of his affidavit of whether he actually did or didn't put his prosthetic legs on to go into the bathroom.
12:43 pm
he says he didn't. so if there's any evidence that comes forward from that, from the ballistics that it was the wrong height, then it could be very painful for oscar pistorius. >> the world will be watching. thank you very much. up next, if you thought that march report of the gop election debacle was tough? wait until you hear what republicans are saying about the state of their own party. i love this report. i think s.e. does, too. i can't wait for this segment. right, s.e.? money on car insurance with geico... yeah, a little bit more of the lime green love yeah... or letting them know they can reach geico 24/7 using the latest technology. go on, slather it all over. don't hold back, go on... it's these high-definition televisions, i'll tell ya, they show every wrinkle. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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old-fashioned, closed minded, racist. those are the brutal responses the focus group received when they asked young voters what they thought about the republican party. now it's all in their 9 5-page report entitled grand old party for a brand new generation when in which leading voice for college republicans sharply criticizes its own. quote, we've become the party that will pat you on your back when you make it, but won't offer you a hand to help you get there. the report isn't all that bad, providing the gop with a road map to win elections in the future. 60% of the youth vote ensure d his re-election despite romney holding an advantage. what's the grand old party to do to get hip for 2016?
12:48 pm
let's backspin it. this report on the youth vote is an echo of the gop autopsy delivered a few months ago. >> yep. >> one of the things that the report showed or said is that when it comes to the youth vote, the gateway issue for the gop is on gay rights and that they discovered that young people -- this is their issue. for them, it shows whether the g gop is something that they want to be part of. in this report, it showed that 44% of those folks they surveyed showed same-sex marriage. of that, 46% said even if they agree with him or her on everyone else, they won't vote for that person. overall, one out of four of these young republicans said that it is an issue for them. they wouldn't vote for someone. n now, the young believe also -- the republican party doesn't have anything to offer them. and that also that they --
12:49 pm
republican party has nothing to offer them and it's not that they believe that president obama and the democrats are better. it says that they're open to it. yet eric cantor has this saying where he said that the republican party, all it needs to do is change the pizza box, not the pizza. what this report and the gop autopsy showed is that they've got to change some of the ingredients. >> indeed. a couple of things i noted out of this. that the republican party is not registering the right way when people are saying things like they're going to pat you on the back if you make it not going to help you up. focus group after focus group is saying that people find the republican party or many in the republican party to be racist. obviously, you're not racist. >> oh, thank you. >> a lot of republicans are not racist. when people after people are saying that they see that in the republican party, then clearly something is wrong. and perhaps the thing that
12:50 pm
jumped out of this, for me, latino voters think that gop couldn't care less about them. this is the fastest growing demographic in america. if you have latinos and hispanics for the democrats for the next three, four elections because they think the gop no longer cares about them, you're no longer a national party, you're only a regional party. >> yeah. i love this report. and anyone who is not interested in learning where they've been going wrong is probably not going to be successful in the future. and frankly, in addition to the growing latino demographic, millennials are 80 million people in this country, and the biggest generation in history. >> they're smaller -- >> no, they're bigger. >> smaller. >> in my work studtying millennials since the election, my group, working with millennials and talking to them, we've gotten a lot of millennials to come in and speak and give us their take on what they want. what's been really encouraging, they tell me there are policy inroads that are appealing to
12:51 pm
republicans, to young people. republican areas of policy and messaging that they are completely open to. the problem is, in their own words, the outrageous statements made by errant republican voices. so it doesn't matter if we talk in really good salient ways about genuine policy when you have one guys talking about legitimate rape, another talking about bestiality and another talking about how stupid young people are. so if we can contain and get disciplined candidates, i actually feel really good about some of these policy inroads for young people. >> just don't say what you really think. >> i thought it was great to see this report of sort of, by young people, for young people. that's great. that's an important part of the dialogue. obama beat romney among voters under 30 by 23 points, more than any other age group. so this is clearly a big issue. i want to put one thing up on the board that really jumped out from that research in this report, which is what do young people want to be? the top qualities young people aspire to be are smart and
12:52 pm
caring. okay? sounds good. now, what are the qualities young people associate least with the gop? open minded and tolerant, which we just discussed, and caring. that is, in the words of people under 30 today, they associate the gop with being an uncaring party. >> yeah. >> i find that so interesting because whatever my criticisms of elected republicans, i know a lot of conservatives who are very caring. they're caring at a local level. they think about the community. they want local control. they think about school boards. religiously they think about public services and the role that church can play. >> right. >> a lot of conservatives do care. obviously. it would be silly to say otherwise. >> sure. of course. >> and yet i think what's happened is the elite leadership of the republican party has embraced the values of cold capitalism above all these other values. some which are liberal values. some of which are in a conservative tradition. and that is the fundamental problem. i think it's fascinating millennials and young
12:53 pm
conservatives are says, we have to care more. the policy ingredients are still ones we'll debate about. let's stop using cold capitalism to drive every policy today. >> it can't be everything. >> right. we have to go. >> we got to go? >> if you say so. >> yes, that's right. up next, as congress gets set to debate immigration reform, toure makes a plea. just give immigrants the same opportunities as apple. hmm. lindsey! i just discovered these new triscuit are baked with brown rice and sweet potato! triscuit has a new snack? no way. way. and the worst part is they're delicious. mmm, you're right. maybe we should give other new things a chance. no way. way. [ male announcer ] we've taken 100% whole grain brown rice and wheat, delicious sweet potato, and savory red bean... and woven them into something unexpected. the new brown rice triscuit line; with sweet potato and red bean varieties. a new take on an old favorite.
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we believe our customers do their best out there in the world, so we do everything we can to be there for them when they need us. plus, you could save hundreds when you switch, up to $423. call... today. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? if corporations really were people, then apple would be a cool guy. a fun, charismatic dude who always looks hip and just wants to help everyone have a good
12:57 pm
time. that cool guy image took a bit of a lit for me when i learned almost all of apple's products are made overseas and apple is really, really good at tax avoidance. paying nothing on $30 billion in global profits because of an irs subsidiary that as "the new republic" said has as much physical reality as a leprechaun. of course, this tax dodging is legal, and as long as it is, it reminds me corporations are able to use the globe to maximize profitability, but poor people, working class people, have a much tougher time using the globe to earn a buck because of our restrictive immigration system. if corporations are people, then shouldn't we let people have the same opportunities as apple? it's not like it's bad for us. a recent study in the "journal health affairs" says "immigrants, particularly noncitizens heavily subsidize medicare. policies that reduce immigration would almost certainly weaken medicare's financial health, while an increasing flow of immigrations might bolster its
12:58 pm
sustain blts." they note immigrants contributed far more to medicare than they've taken out despite all the disinformation you may have heard. immigra immigrants, empb undocumented ones are makers, not takers. they're contributing taxes and consuming and even though legendary conservative, friedman understood this, "legal and illegal immigration has a positive impact on the u.s. economy." he said that in response to a survey that was reported on last week by the "wall street journal" and said friedman wholly rejected the wrd that immigrants are undesirable because they compete with americans for jobs. the free enterprise system he argued, "created the high wages in the first place." even he gets that immigrants are valuable to our economy as long as they're contributing more than they are taking out, quote, from our welfare state, which they are. can we stem the tide of those comings? several studies suggest no. a new one from the national center for border security and
12:59 pm
immigration based on interviews of people detained for illegal border crossing finds 43% of detainees plan to try to rocros again, because 51% of them already have a job in america lined up and 24% of them want to reunite with family who are here in the u.s. sure, these folks have noticed the sharp uptick in border security, the more stringent laws and more numerous border agents. they say the need to come here is greater than any deterrent because the economic challenge of living in mexico and other nations, and the pull of work in the u.s. and the imperative to reunite with nuclear family is far too great to resist. we should want an influx of people who are dying to be here, who are workers, who are family minded and who are going to help boost our economy for decades to come. and now a man who's boosting the economy right now, martin bashir. >> i pray so. good afternoon, it's monday june the 3rd. and don't tell congressman issa
1:00 pm
there are real reasons to be positive about the nation's economic recovery. ♪ >> there are a lot of reasons to feel optimistic. >> the administration has still, they're paid. >> i never like to use that word. >> darrell issa should call jay carney and apologize. >> this is a problem that was coordinated right out of washington. >> are we just going to be obsessed with scandals? >> does he stay on the job? >> boy, i think it's tough to see how he does in this case. >> the american people can not be screaming any more loudly. worry about us. >> the president i think should be thinking about how to get these issues behind him. >> my warning to the republicans is look at 1998. >> a willingness to use the machinery of government. >> we're really more interested in fixing the irs. >> to target their political enemies. >> they emphasize it too much, they're going to pay a price at the polls. >> after all we've fought through together, we just have to keep going.


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